Traffic Law

Jose Orihuela started out his career as a lawyer representing individuals who felt they were wrongfully accused of violating a traffic law. He takes great pride in his past experience and representation of those he has assisted with their traffic violations.

Jose Orihuela knows that receiving a citation for a moving violation does not mean that you are guilty of the offense. Did you know that paying the fine is the same as pleading guilty in court, however, and may also make driving more costly for you for some time. The Texas point system adds two points to your license for driving in excess of ten percent above the speed limit, and three points for moving violations (speeding, running a stop sign, etc.) that result in a accident.

You may request permission to take a driving safety course (defensive driving) before your court date to have your ticket dismissed, but you can only do this once a year. You may not take the course for certain violations, including speeding in excess of twenty five miles per hour over the speed limit or driving without auto insurance. You may also request for deferred adjudication in some cases, where in return for a deferred sentence you will pay the fine and the court cost and be placed on probation, during which time the court may require you to complete a driving safety course. If you receive no more tickets during the probation period, your ticket will be dismissed. Deferred adjudication is completely at the discretion of the court and not always available.

Hiring Jose Orihuela to defend you in court is your best option to fight your traffic ticket, keep points off your driving record, and keep your auto insurance rates from unnecessarily going up. Jose Orihuela will represent you in court on your behalf, so that you also save valuable time in certain instances by not having to show up. An experience traffic ticket lawyer, such as Jose Orihuela, is familiar with the applicable law, the judges and the court procedures, giving you the best chance for winning your case. With skillful representation, many traffic cases result in dismissal or in pleading down to a nonmoving violation with a reduced fine, leaving your driving record intact.

If you, a loved one, or a friend has received a traffic violation, call Jose Orihuela at 832-425-0239.

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